Evoke Facial Remodeling

Restructure the skin and fat tissues to tighten skin and slim the lower face.

Facial Remodelling in Vancouver

Evoke by InMode is a revolutionary, hands-free facial remodeling device that safely uses Radio Frequency and heat to restructure the skin and fat tissue in the face for cosmetic enhancement without surgery, incisions, or downtime. The hands-free applicators target the chin, jaw and submental area. During treatment, they safely deliver radiofrequency energy to remodel tissue in the facial and submental regions, including the cheeks, jowls, chin and jawline. Tone and tighten while achieving natural looking results.

Use Facial Remodelling For:

  • Jawline and jowls
  • Laxity
  • Double chin
  • Heavy jawline
  • Wrinkles in the submental areas

Please note: Outcomes of using Evoke vary based on the number of treatments and other circumstances and specific results cannot be guaranteed.

FAQs for Evoke

Evoke delivers results immediately and is highly effective.

Dr. Kamani will create a treatment plan based on your goals.

No, treatments take about an hour. After that, you can resume activities as normal.

Another incredible result with Dr. Kamani's magic touch! Just the right amount in just the right places. So patient with all of my questions...always puts me at ease! #RozLove #RozTouch Authentic!


I have had Botox done many times. For the first time I felt Dr. Roz Kamani listened to me and understood about the look I wanted. I like to have movement and look natural. Dr. Roz Kamani told me everything she was going to do and it didn’t even hurt. I would highly recommend her to all my friends. I will be going back again for other treatments as well…a very trusting doctor.


I went to see Dr. Roz Kamani to see if there was anything she could suggest to make my lips look more like a “movie star.” She suggested a filler for both upper and lower lips. They now look so pretty and my boyfriend loves it when I put lip gloss on. I went in on my lunch hour and returned to work for the afternoon and everyone said I looked great!


I was recommended by a friend to see Dr. Roz Kamani to help with the deep lines and sunken cheekbones. I feel I have aged a lot recently due to stress and wanted to feel better. She suggested Juvederm to help regain volume in my cheeks to treat the lines around my mouth. It looks fabulous! I am so happy…she is a great injector!


I have been a patient of Dr. Kamani's for years. She has a kind heart and has always made me feel truly cared for. I am fortunate to have found a doctor that I have confidence in and who respects my belief in a holistic approach to medicine. With regards to her cosmetic services, I could not imagine trusting anyone other than a doctor trained in medical aesthetics, specifically Dr. Kamani who has an artist's eye and who takes the time to listen to her patients and understand what they want.


Dr. Kamani is kind, wise, and inspirational. She always raises the energy of those around her and she spreads beauty and kindness to all. Thank you for your great service and for always making me feel better!


I have been trying to lose this stubborn weight around my middle for the last 3 years post baby. No diet or excerise has been able to get me back to my pre baby body. I came in and met with Dr. Roz Kamani and she prescribed the Coolsculpting for my area of concern. She was understanding of my challenges with my problem area. I started these treatments and noticed the improvement in a very short time. I am feeling great and looking like my old myself again.

- RC
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Getting Started: Evoke Facial Remodelling

Just like any medical decision, when exploring facial remodelling with Evoke you should have a thorough discussion with a healthcare provider. Dr. Kamani is a cosmetic doctor with almost 15 years of experience in medical aesthetics in Vancouver. In a one-to-one session, she carefully listens to your goals before coming up with a personalized treatment plan.

Set up a consultation to get started and learn more about Evoke facial remodelling in Vancouver.

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