Eliminate Double Chin Fat With BELKYRA

BELKYRA gets rid of double chin fat so you look great from every angle

BELKYRA is a revolutionary treatment to improve the appearance of fullness under the chin, sometimes referred to as double chin fat. In a quick and easy series of needles that can be administered within 15-20 minutes, it is the first and only non-surgical treatment of its kind in Canada.

67% of People Say They’re Bothered By Double Chin Fat

If double chin fat, or the fullness under the chin bothers you, you’re not alone. Based on a 2015 consumer survey conducted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, 67% of people say they’re bothered by fullness under the chin. A double chin may be caused by many things—genetics, weight changes, or even just ageing. Sometimes, no matter how much you diet or exercise, this fullness will not go away, making you feel older and heavier than you actually are.



The active ingredient in BELKYRA is deoxycholic acid. This molecule naturally occurs in the body and aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. By selectively injecting BELKYRA into targeted areas under the chin, Dr. Kamani can work to gradually and permanently improve the appearance of your profile. Most patients experience visible improvement within 2-4 sessions. Once the desired results are achieved, further treatments are not expected.

Benefits of BELKYRA

  • No Surgery
  • Minimal Downtime
  • Medically proven solution

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If you’ve ever considered surgery to eliminate double chin fat, BELKYRA may be a better option. Book a free consultation today. During your consultation, Dr. Kamani will answer your questions and develop a customized plan to meet your goals.


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I went to see Dr. Roz Kamani to see if there was anything she could suggest to make my lips look more like a “movie star.” She suggested a filler for both upper and lower lips. They now look so pretty and my boyfriend loves it when I put lip gloss on. I went in on my lunch hour and returned to work for the afternoon and everyone said I looked great! BECKA ALLAN
I have had Botox done many times. For the first time I felt Dr. Roz Kamani listened to me and understood about the look I wanted. I like to have movement and look natural. Dr. Roz Kamani told me everything she was going to do and it didn’t even hurt. I would highly recommend her to all my friends. I will be going back again for other treatments as well…a very trusting doctor. TRISH NEIL
I was recommended by a friend to see Dr. Roz Kamani to help with the deep lines and sunken cheekbones. I feel I have aged a lot recently due to stress and wanted to feel better. She suggested Juvederm to help regain volume in my cheeks to treat the lines around my mouth. It looks fabulous! I am so happy…she is a great injector! MELISSA
I came in and had Dr. Roz Kamani perform my Botox, she was very gentle and I now look rested and younger. My friends are saying I look great…this is our little secret. She listened to my concerns and offered a treatment plan and helpful suggestions. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Kamani for any anti aging needs you may have. DB
I have been trying to lose this stubborn weight around my middle for the last 3 years post baby. No diet or excerise has been able to get me back to my pre baby body. I came in and met with Dr. Roz Kamani and she prescribed the Coolsculpting for my area of concern. She was understanding of my challenges with my problem area. I started these treatments and noticed the improvement in a very short time. I am feeling great and looking like my old myself again. RC
Dr. Kamani did an excellent job fixing my face scars after my surgery. Dr. Kamani always makes me feel comfortable when I visit her – she is very professional in everything she does. Nancy M
I just recently had Botox 3 days ago for the first time. I was very fortunate to find Dr. Kamani...I had injections in my forehead. Stress and life took a toll on me. I felt so tired all the time and I had so much tension in my forehead where I was getting constant headaches. Now I see such a difference and feel a difference. I look more awake, it lifted my brows and even my smile line decreased a bit. I don't feel so tired anymore. Kelley D.
I have been a patient of Dr. Kamani's for years. She has a kind heart and has always made me feel truly cared for. I am fortunate to have found a doctor that I have confidence in and who respects my belief in a holistic approach to medicine. With regards to her cosmetic services, I could not imagine trusting anyone other than a doctor trained in medical aesthetics, and specifically Dr. Kamani who has an artist's eye and who takes the time to listen to her patients and understand what they want. T. Stevenson
Dr. Kamani guided me through the difficult period of menopause and her holistic approach to health made those years as easy to manage as possible. Dr. Kamani is thorough and takes an interest in the whole person and not just in the immediate health concern one might have...Dr. Kamani is also an educated and trained medical aesthetics and it is very reassuring to know that any treatments of a cosmetic nature are performed by her personally - with excellent results. Margot R.
Dr. Kamani is truly an artist. Her work is inspiring and impeccable. Always a very postive experience with Dr Roz and her team. Tamara
Dr. Kamani always carefully takes the customer's needs and sensitivity into consideration! That's why I've been getting facial rejuvenation from her for fourteen years!! Linda A.
Dr. Kamani is a true professional, with the added benefits of her unique warmth and attention to details. Candice J.
Dr. Kamani is kind, wise, and inspirational. She always raises the energy of those around her and she spreads beauty and kindness to all. Thank you for your great service and for always making me feel better! Mariette S.
Another incredible result with Dr. Kamani's magic touch! Just the right amount in just the right places. So patient with all of my questions...always puts me at ease! #RozLove #RozTouch Authentic! Marianne O.
Compassionate and dedicated doctor. Irene D.
Both of you were very engaging and informative. Thank you. Susan R.
Wonderful 100 marks. Man C.
Dr. Kamani is truly an artist. Her work is inspiring and impeccable. Always a very positive experience with Dr Roz and her team. Tamara C.
Very good. Tiffany K.

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