Introducing Fractional Resurfacing

Have you noticed jowliness, acne scars, dullness, or fine lines? Imagine if you could address all these skincare concerns with one rejuvenating treatment? You can. Fractional resurfacing in Vancouver is now available from Dr. Kamani and her team.

What is Fractional Resurfacing?

Designed for contouring and tightening, Morpheus8 is the new 25-minute skin tightening tweakment that has celebrities like Kim K. and Amanda Holden queuing up. The handheld zapper combines two incredibly effective anti-aging treatments—microneedling and radiofrequency.

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SkinCeuticals in Vancouver: Tips for Weathering the Cold

Suffering from a lackluster complexion? As a skin specialist in Vancouver, Dr. Kamani works with clients looking to improve texture, tone, and hydration through personalized skin care products and services.

Wintertime is often a challenge in terms of skincare. Not only does the weather damage the surface of your skin, but indoors the heat can zap essential moisture. All this can lead to damage—fine lines, wrinkles, rough, uneven skin texture, clogged pores, and redness can all be symptomatic of the cold weather. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. Along with using the right products, a few simple changes to your everyday routine can work wonders for your complexion.

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New Year, New You: 25% Off Lip Injections

Looking for a fresh way to highlight your natural beauty? We invite you to come visit us! We know everyone is wearing a mask these days, but dermal fillers for your lips aka lip injections are a great way to highlight your natural beauty (and cut time from your everyday beauty routine.

Full, kissable lips have been on the radar list since Instagram arrived on the scene. For natural, visible results, Dr. Kamani uses a hyaluronic acid called Juvéderm to inject and mold your lips. By taking note of your unique facial structure and musculature, Dr. Kamani carefully maps injection points and injects tiny amounts for results that are even and natural.

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Introducing Tripeptide-R Neck Repair – SkinCeuticals

We’re very proud to announce a new addition to our SkinCeuticals store. Tripeptide-R Neck Repair is a tri-functional corrective treatment for early to advanced signs of visible neck aging which include:

Horizontal neck lines
Skin firmness

Specifically formulated for the neck’s fragile skin. It’s appropriate for daily use and complements professional treatments. Specially designed to address early to advanced visible signs of neck aging, it combines a tri-functional corrective technology with a hydrating delivery system, fortifying your skin’s extracellular matrix and supporting the skin’s natural resistance to visible aging.

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25% Off CoolSculpting in Vancouver Till the End of December

CoolSculpting in Vancouver

Go further with CoolSculpting. When you’re dealing with stubborn fat that just won’t budge, try CoolSculpting in Vancouver with Dr. Kamani. Till the end of December, we’re offering 25% off all CoolSculpting sessions.

CoolSculpting is a treatment offered by doctors for non-surgical fat reduction. As a safe, proven method for reducing pockets of fat in trouble spots such as the abdomen, flanks, or under the arms, CoolSculpting can reduce up to 20-25% reduction in fat layer thickness after a single session. Your personalized treatment plan will outline how many sessions are required to meet your specified goals (most patients require 4-6 treatments).

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Lip Injections in Vancouver: Achieving Natural Results

As an aesthetic doctor, Rozmin Kamani provides lip filler in Vancouver to clients targeting natural results. What’s tricky is that while bad fill jobs are obvious, a skillful augmentation is more subtle. That means for many people, bad lip jobs are synonymous with lip fillers. But this actually isn’t the case.

Lip Fillers in Vancouver: Avoiding Mishaps

“Fish lips” have become more prevalent for a couple of reasons. The first is that some people desire unnatural lips. From the delicate philtral columns beneath the nose to the subtle peaks of the cupid’s bow, maintaining the unique architecture of an individual’s lips, along with crisp shape and well-hydrated appearance is key to successful lip augmentation. And this is difficult for those who don’t understand musculature and anatomy.

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