Revitalize Your Face with Dermal Fillers Treatments in Vancouver

Dermal Fillers


Dermal fillers, or facial fillers, can revitalize your face almost magically. For people looking to lift sagging brows, plump up lips, enhance sagging cheeks, or even smooth away laugh lines, dermal fillers provide a non-surgical option for revitalization.


In a little less than an hour, Dr. Rozmin Kamani can strategically administer a treatment of dermal fillers. While some patients may experience a range of temporary side-effects, such as bruising, swelling, or redness—there is little to no downtime. You can continue with your day more or less as normal. Even better, the positive effects of using dermal fillers can last up to a year and a half, depending on the quality of the filler as well as the application.



As Dr. Kamani’s go-to preference, Juvéderm belongs to a family of high-quality fillers that come in different forms and consistencies. Allergan, the makers of Juvéderm, have carefully refined their formulas to maximize comfort, efficacy, and longevity. For example, for cheeks that have flattened out, Dr. Kamani uses Juvéderm Voluma to plump up and beautify youthful contours.


Juvéderm is also an excellent smoothing treatment that can be used to fill-in the light creases and subtle dimpling caused by depleting collagen levels. If loss of lip volume is your concern, dermal fillers are great for filling out and reshaping the lips.


Composed of hyaluronic acid (HA), Juvéderm mimics this naturally occurring sugar found in your body. HA is how the skin maintains its supple volume, locking in youthful moisture and elasticity. However, as this substance decreases with age, your skin loses its firmness. Juvéderm acts like a sponge, allowing the skin to attain youthful moisture levels and instantly plumping up treated areas.


The process can be slightly uncomfortable, especially for first-timers, so Dr. Kamani applies a numbing cream to make the treatment more comfortable.


Post-treatment, it’s advisable to refrain from wearing make-up for about 12 hours and refrain from exposing skin to sunlight and excessive heat for about two weeks. It’s also best to avoid facials, massages, and other activities that involve applying undue pressure to the treated area for about a week as the filler needs time to settle and set.


Depending on your goals, Dr. Kamani will be able to explain the options that best meet your expectations and develop a step-by-step treatment plan.


To discuss dermal filler treatments in Vancouver, book a consultation with Dr. Kamani at 604.222.9998 or





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