Introducing Fractional Resurfacing

Introducing Fractional Resurfacing

Have you noticed jowliness, acne scars, dullness, or fine lines? Imagine if you could address all these skincare concerns with one rejuvenating treatment? You can.

Fractional resurfacing in Vancouver is now available from Dr. Kamani and her team.

What is Fractional Resurfacing?

Designed for contouring and tightening, Morpheus8 is the new 25-minute skin tightening tweakment that has celebrities like Kim K. and Amanda Holden queuing up. The handheld zapper combines two incredibly effective anti-aging treatments—microneedling and radiofrequency.


As a combination treatment, these approaches work synergistically, triggering a healing response that stimulates elastin and collagen productions deep in the underlying layers of your skin.


Morpheus8 emits radiofrequency energy that is administered using lots of tiny needles, which act as a micro-needling treatment. Microneedling inflicts a micro-trauma on the skin, triggering a healing response while radiofrequency uses heat to shrink and tighten. Primarily offered for the face and neck, fractional resurfacing naturally stimulates the production of anti-aging substances like collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. The result is skin that is naturally firmer, smoother, more lifted, and hydrated.


Morpheus8 has been gaining traction since it appeared on the market in 2019. It is effective at treating laxity, particularly around the chin and jowls. However, fractional resurfacing has also gained a following among people looking to improve the appearance of acne and pitted scars.


The treatment is mildly uncomfortable but well-tolerated with a topical anesthetic. Downtime is typically minimal. Patients may be left slightly red with a sunburnt feeling, but this typically vanishes in a day or two. Best results are seen around three weeks in, but your skin’s appearance will continue to improve for almost three months.

Fractional Resurfacing in Vancouver

Dr. Kamani is offering a special promotional offer in month of February 2021 only to clients interested in trying fractional resurfacing. Get $600 off one treatment of 3 sessions for $3000. To get started, contact 604.222.9998 or



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