Express yourself naturally with Botox®

Express yourself naturally with Botox®

 Are you considering Botox®?

Did you know that Botox is now considered the most popular treatment for facial lines and wrinkles. It is a quick and effective procedure that is quite painless and results last for up to 3-6 months. Learn more about Botox facial treatments at our Vancouver Medical Spa here.


How does Botox work?

Botox® is a purified protein which is injected into your facial/ forehead muscles that cause wrinkles.  It then relaxes the muscles giving your face a more softer and refreshed appearance.  Botox enhances your unique look without sacrificing the natural expressions in your face.


Benefits of Botox

  • Safe & Effective
  • No Downtime
  • Non Surgical
  • Treats fine lines/ wrinkles with immediate results
  • Injections are relatively painless for most people

Our Kitsilano Vancouver Botox Clinic

Doctor Roz Kamani’s Medical Spa in Vancouver’s Kitsilano community has provided Botox facial treatments for our patients for several years.


Dr Roz Kamani is a medical doctor and a member of CAAM (Canadian Association Of Aesthetic Medicine). Her great knowledge and expertise in anti-aging and skin rejuvenation has made her a leader among the best medical esthetic doctors in the Vancouver area.


Reverse the Signs of Aging Today with Doctor Roz Kamani

If you are wanting to reverse the first signs of aging and would like to try something safe and effective, consider Botox® Cosmetic. Call us today at (604)222-9998 to book your consultation !



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