Refining the Double Chin

The curse of the double chin is an affliction that affects many people later in life. A little different from having “work done,” refining a double chin is a process that can now be done in the office with a series of needles containing fat-melting deoxycholic acid, more commonly known as Belkyra.


Dr. Roz. Kamani works with people who want to refine the appearance of fullness under the chin. Some people are simply predisposed to chin fat, which means it’s almost pointless to try to sweat or diet it away. Sometimes, it’s just genetic—and this little pouch will be present regardless of weight or age. And it’s these people that Belkyra, which is FDA-approved, can really help.


As a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a naturally forming substance within the body, Belkyra aids in the breakdown of fat. For maximum effect, the drug is directly injected in the submental fat layer beneath the chin, which is less terrifying than it sounds especially with the aid of a potent numbing agent. Within moments, lysis (aka cellular disintegration) takes place, and in the weeks that follow the body naturally (and permanently) disposes of the cellular debris, causing the area to shrink and refine.


The process of getting Belkyra is mercifully straightforward—this (literally) isn’t surgery. First, the aforementioned numbing cream is applied, then Dr. Kamani studies your features, mapping out a grid where injections will take place for maximum effect. Most people will require about 15-30 little jabs. However, depending on your situation and desired outcome, more than one treatment may be necessary.


An appointment only lasts about 15-20 minutes, but recovery will take a little longer. It’s not uncommon to swell up as though stung by a bee post-treatment. Scarves and mock-neck sweaters will be your friends in the weeks that follow. Swelling typically subsides in a few weeks—and if multiple treatments are necessary, these will be scheduled about 6 weeks apart.


The great thing about Belkyra is that once it’s done—the results are permanent. There are no touch-ups or follow-ups. Healing is usually a lot faster during subsequent treatments, too. The average number for patients looking for a “treat to complete” approach is typically two to four sessions.


While Belkyra can be pricey (and crimp your social calendar in the short term), it’s an excellent option for people who want to refine the chin and jaw area without undergoing the knife. To learn more about Belkyra in Vancouver, schedule a complimentary appointment with Dr. Kamani at 604.222.9998.

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