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Dr. Roz Kamani is a provider of CoolSculpting in Vancouver. If you’re looking for a solution to smooth your body and define your body contours, this world-renowned medical technology works to destroy localized fat permanently.


CoolSculpting is not an all-over treatment. Rather, this technology works to target stubborn fat in defined areas such as the abdomen, flank, upper arm, inner thigh, and back. Bye-bye banana roll! As a medically proven technology, a few sessions can often lead to significant results. Dr. Kamani will put together a treatment plan based on your specific goals, applying differently shaped applicators to sculpt the body for the best overall effect. For dramatic results, the treatment plan can be repeated between 3-4 months.


By strategically applying a cold treatment with a vacuum applicator, the process of Cryolipolysis works to destroy fat through the strategic application of extreme cold. There are no surgical cuts, and surrounding cells will not be impacted—this is a treatment that exclusively works to target the fat cells near the surface quickly and safely. Side effects are typically limited to redness and temporary numbness of the treated area.


CoolSculpting in Vancouver

As a doctor that provides CoolSculpting in Vancouver, Dr. Kamani offers a full assessment and treatment plan that includes everything needed for a safe and effective procedure:


  • Consultation and treatment plan based on your body shape and goals
  • Identifying and marking treatable areas pre-procedure
  • Positioning the applicator and protecting treatment areas
  • Starting and monitoring the full procedure
  • Follow up (if necessary)


Results are usually tangible within two to six months, which is the time required for the body metabolize and dispose of the destroyed cells through natural processes. Most patients notice about a 28% reduction of fat in the treated area. Learn more about this safe and proven fat-reducing medical technology that has been performed over six million times worldwide.

Vancouver CoolSculpting – Dr. Roz Kamani

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