Vancouver CoolSculpting Clinic Offers Summer Slimming—5 Reasons to Start Today!

As a safe, proven method for fat reduction, CoolSculpting is a solution that’s been endorsed by best and brightest from Hollywood. As a Vancouver CoolSculpting clinic, we thought we’d share a few reasons why this is one of the best ways to jumpstart summertime efforts to get slim and fit.


CoolSculpting in Vancouver


1) Many men and women in Vancouver work hard and lead a healthy lifestyle. While they want their body to reflect that, there are pockets of stubborn genetic fat that tend to hang on despite being healthy and fit—that’s where CoolSculpting can help!


2) CoolSculpting can be done year-round. Results are visible in 1-2 months with peak results just 6-12 weeks post-procedure!


3) There is little to no downtime—although there may be a bit of bruising, you can go to work the next day, exercise, and resume your usual activities. This is a fully non-invasive procedure with no incisions or surgical downtime.


4) Effects are visible after a single treatment—many people report incredible results after a single treatment and require no more than two treatments on any single area of their body. Full treatment plans typically vary from 2-8 sites/treatments or more.


5) Although we cannot fight age, genetics, hormonal changes and other circumstances, CoolSculpting is a safe, medically-proven method to help counteract these changes and return to the size and shape we want.


CoolSculpting is an excellent resource that can amplify the effects of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We deserve to look good when we put in hard work exercising and nourishing our bodies. CoolSculpting is often MORE effective than liposuction at targeting those stubborn areas of fat such as the flanks – also known as the muffin top, beer belly, or spare tire. It works equally well on men and women and we are pleased to offer free consultations to anyone interested in the procedure.


To learn more about receiving a complimentary consultation at Dr. Roz Kamani’s Vancouver CoolSculpting clinic, please visit or call 604.222.9998.


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