Transitioning to Spring Skincare—Your Step by Step Guide

Spring is finally here in Vancouver. As we watch how nature is transforming all around us, it’s rather poetic to consider think that our bodies often mirror these transformations in different ways.

While the condition of our skin certainly changes over the years, it also changes with the seasons. Temperature, humidity, wind, heat, and cold will change how your skin feels and what it needs. If anything, this is a great time to gauge how your skin is feeling and freshen up your routine. Many people use different products in winter and summer—and that’s perfectly normal.


What’s happening right now?


Take a breath and consider how your skin feels:


  • Is it tight and dry?
  • Is it tingling or itchy?
  • Are there pimples or bumps?
  • Is it shiny or oily?


Consider your answers. But before rushing out to try different solutions, the most important thing to remember when it comes to spring skincare is—be gentle. For many of us, pollen can trigger allergies, which means the body’s natural defence systems is already in overdrive. Skin may be swollen, itchy, tight, dry—and above all sensitive. So, the objective is to calm and nourish dry skin and balance oily or normal skin.


Cleansing is always the most important step in skin care. Opt for a mild cleanser as harsher products can irritate skin that’s already sensitive. A product I like to recommend is SkinCeutical’s Simply Clean Pore Refining Gel Cleanser. As a pore-refining gel cleanser, it works well on normal, combination, and oily skin. Soothing botanical ingredients like chamomile and aloe barbadensis leaf extract leaves work to remove debris that can clog pores, something that can lead to a dull, uneven skin tone. In the end, you’re left with skin that feels fresh and clean—that’s our objective.


A very important step to keep skin healthy—one that’s often overlooked—Is to clean your personal care tools. Everything that touches your face should be kept meticulously clean—sanitize tweezers, wash your pillowcases or eye masks—and make sure all make-up brushes are cleaned or replaced regularly.


Swap heavier creams and foundation for lighter formulas. There’s more moisture in the air, so giving your skin the ability to breathe helps it to balance itself. This doesn’t necessarily mean going out without cream or make-up—just opt for airier formulas or use a bit less. When skin is changing, it’s important to follow your intuition. Your skin will tell you what it wants—or doesn’t.


If you don’t already use a toner, this can be very helpful in the springtime. Toners are great for refreshing the skin and making sure it’s really clean. Moreover, these products are packed with refreshing botanical concentrates, which help to balance the skin as its transitioning through different seasons. SkinCeuticals Equalizing Toner uses a gentle fruit acid blend and extracts of witch hazel, rosemary, aloe, and chamomile to soothe, soften, and tone.


If your skin is prone to breakouts or allergies, it’s best to visit our office. After discussing your concerns, we can do a one-on-one analysis and put together a customized routine that really meets your personal skin goals.


Dr. Roz Kamani is an aesthetic doctor in Vancouver. With more than 20 years in her practice,  she is passionate about promoting value-driven skincare products and solutions that deliver clinically-proven results.. To learn more about skincare in Vancouver, schedule a free consultation by contacting 604.222.9998 or


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