SkinCeuticals in Vancouver: Tips for Weathering the Cold

Suffering from a lackluster complexion? As a skin specialist in Vancouver, Dr. Kamani works with clients looking to improve texture, tone, and hydration through personalized skin care products and services.


Wintertime is often a challenge in terms of skincare. Not only does the weather damage the surface of your skin, but indoors the heat can zap essential moisture. All this can lead to damage—fine lines, wrinkles, rough, uneven skin texture, clogged pores, and redness can all be symptomatic of the cold weather. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. Along with using the right products, a few simple changes to your everyday routine can work wonders for your complexion.

5 Tips for Weathering the Cold


1) Invest in a humidifier


Consider a humidifier to moisten the air inside the home. This can help replenish your skin. Use it in the rooms you spend the most time, including your bedroom at night.


2) Lower the heat


When it’s chilly, curling up next to a cozy fire feels like bliss. But central air can make a dry home even drier. For optimal skin health, try a cool yet comfortable setting. About 20 degrees Celsius is what’s recommended by doctors. Try Simply Clean by SkinCeuticals along with their Equalizing Toner.


3) Cleanse gently


Steer clear of soaps/cleansers with ingredients and fragrances that can irritate dry, sensitive skin. Use a gentle cleanser on the face along with a scrub-free exfoliant 1-2 times a week.


4) Reduce shower time and temperature


We get it. A long steamy shower feels great on a cold day, but moderation is key to keeping skin happy. Limit time to about 5-10 minutes in a lukewarm shower or bath. When toweling off, blot till the skin is damp rather than perfectly dry.


5) Modify skincare to match the season


To combat winter dryness, switch to a cream-based moisturizer before bed. Try B5 Hydrating Masque when you’re out at the ski hill. For the lips, apply a dab moisturizing Antioxidant Lip Repair to prevent dryness and cracking before swiping on your lipstick.


Discover SkinCeuticals in Vancouver


SkinCeuticals’ antioxidant serums, sunscreens, and professional treatments work to cleanse the pores, eliminate dead cells, stimulate reproduction, and prevent damage. Through regular use, these products work synergistically to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, refine skin texture, and reduce clogged pores and pigmentation. Discover new products in our store.


Discolouration Defense

A daily dark spot corrector that targets visible skin discoloration for brighter, more even-looking skin


Antioxidant Lip Repair

Emollient treatment helps improve environmental damage while smoothing and refining the lips surface


Metacell Renewal B3

A comprehensive daily emulsion formulated to improve the appearance of early signs of aging


Hydrating B5 Masque 

Intensely hydrating weekly gel masque to help in the replenishment of moisture levels


Glycolic Brightening Renew Overnight


Improve your skin’s overall appearance. As a corrective cream, this powerful nightly treatment promotes a smooth and refined appearance.


Tri-Peptide-R Neck Repair


Clinically proven to improve the appearance of visible neck aging including horizontal necklines, loss of firmness, and reduce crepiness.


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