Say Goodbye to Double Chin Fat with BELKYRA

Say Goodbye to Double Chin Fat with BELKYRA

Are you one of the 67% of people bothered by double chin fat?

BELKYRA Vancouver – Reduce Double Chin Fat

For many, the under-chin bulge is simply a by-product of the natural ageing process. Happily, for anyone bothered by this, there is a solution. And it’s now being offered by Dr.Roz Kamani at her medical aesthetic clinic in Kitsilano.

BELKYRA is a safe and effective way to contour and redefine the chin area. In a quick and easy series of needles that can be administered in about 15-20 minutes, it is the first and only non-surgical treatment of its kind in Canada.

In 2015, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery conducted a consumer survey that concluded that 67% of people are bothered by fullness under the chin. A double chin may be the result of the natural slackening of the skin that comes with ageing as well as the redistribution of fat—and no matter how much you diet or exercise, it will not go away.

What is BELKYRA?

BELKYRA uses deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. By injecting BELKYRA strategically under the chin, Dr. Kamani can work to gradually and permanently improve the appearance of your profile.

If you’ve ever considered surgery to eliminate double chin fat, BELKYRA may be a better option. It’s a medically proven solution that requires no surgery and minimal downtime. Most patients experience visible improvement within 2-4 sessions. And once the desired results are achieved, further treatments are not expected.

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