New Year, New You: 25% Off Lip Injections

Looking for a fresh way to highlight your natural beauty? We invite you to come visit us! We know everyone is wearing a mask these days, but dermal fillers for your lips aka lip injections are a great way to highlight your natural beauty (and cut time from your everyday beauty routine.


Full, kissable lips have been on the radar list since Instagram arrived on the scene. For natural, visible results, Dr. Kamani uses a hyaluronic acid called Juvéderm to inject and mold your lips. By taking note of your unique facial structure and musculature, Dr. Kamani carefully maps injection points and injects tiny amounts for results that are even and natural.


Lip Injections may be used for several reasons:


  • Evening out asymmetry
  • Adding fullness to desired areas
  • Reducing lines and creasing


Your initial consultation will be an opportunity to discuss and clarify goals. It’s important to communicate objectives like size, volume, shape, and subtlety.  Creating a look that jives with your natural features means assessing musculature and honestly assessing how full, wide, and plump you can go before results start to look artificial. When in doubt, draw it out. Opt for a “less is more” strategy and return for touch-ups if necessary.


The entire lip injection process, from start to finish takes about forty minutes. A numbing cream is applied, and most clients feel claim to feel some pinching but no significant pain. As for recovery, a little ice and aftercare instructions is all that’s typically required as the lips settle, typically over 3-5 days. As a long-lasting solution, your lips will be flawless every day, but touch-ups will be required after 6-12 months.


With medical training and techniques, Dr. Kamani uses only the purest injectables on the market to deliver results that are natural, beautiful—and always safe.


25% Off Lip Fillers in Vancouver


Try lip fillers in Vancouver for 25% off till January 31, 2021 as part of our extended holiday promotion. Other services as part of this promotion include Botox, Dermal Fillers, CoolSculpting, and Belkyra. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kamani at 604.222.9998 or email


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