The Minimalist Approach to Skincare in Vancouver

As a skincare specialist in Vancouver, Dr. Roz Kamani works with men and women interested in powerful skincare. While skincare is often seen as an elaborate, multi-step process, sometimes paring it down to the basics is best. For those who want to Marie Kondo their skincare routine, here’s what to do.


First, it’s vital to audit your stash. More isn’t always better when it comes to skincare. On the contrary, using too many products can cancel out beneficial effects and irritate the skin. Like just about anything in life, it’s necessary to discover what works for you. We recommend SkinCeuticals products, which is a clinically proven (and reasonably priced) line of products that works to correct signs of ageing, promote healthy skin, and prevent future damage. We’ve categorized this by popular skin type, so check out our recommendations for you.


Dry Skin

If dry skin is a concern, you’re going to be looking for products that are gentle and hydrating. A good exfoliator that can slough away dull, dry skin is also recommended. Be wary of products that contain alcohol (SD alcohol 40, denatured alcohol, ethanol, and isopropyl alcohol), which can be very drying. Try looking for a serum that contains hyaluronic acid, a powerful natural humectant that helps regulate moisture levels in the skin. A product we love to recommend is SkinCeuticals H.A. Intensifier, which contains liquorice root extract and other powerful ingredients that bolster moisture and firmness. For moisture, try to find a product that contains natural lipids, which repair and strengthen the skin, like Triple Lipid Restore.


Oily/Acne-Prone Skin

Interestingly enough, over the counter products targeting oily/acne-prone skin aren’t the way to go. These products can be very harsh, stripping away vital nutrients and oil. What you’re looking for are products that are going to decongest the pores while nourishing the skin. Harsh detergents and strong ingredients aren’t necessary. Look for an alcohol-free gel cleanser and toner. The latter is particularly important because toners play a key role in hydration. They also promote healthy cell turnover, which is essential for keeping pores decongested. If you suffer from oily/acne-prone skin, we recommend trying the award-winning LHA Cleanser with a balancing toner and light reparative moisturizer, like Daily Moisture.


Sensitive Skin

For sensitive skin, balance is key. You’re looking for products that will allow the skin to retain moisture and fight inflammation. It’s vital to keep the skin barrier intact, while gently removing impurities. A cleansing milk with nourishing conditioners and emollients is ideal. Try SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser with Serum AOX 10, which offers daytime protection while improving the appearance of any lines and wrinkles. For moisturizer, look for products that strengthen lipid production and bolster your skin’s natural barrier.


Combination Skin

Combination skin may be the trickiest in terms of care because it’s necessary to understand what’s happening (and where) to pick the right products. Generally, you want a cleanser that’s going to calm and brighten, removing impurities without over stripping. The LHA Cleanser noted earlier for oily skin is a good all-round choice. For a treatment serum, you’ll get best results from a product that encourages cell turnover and soothing hydration. One of the bestsellers for keeping combination skin calm, balanced, and healthy-looking is C.E. Ferulic, which brightens the complexion while delivering advanced environmental protection. Follow up with a balancing moisturizer—or try a brightening mask once a week for truly outstanding results.


Using the right products is essential to maintaining optimal skin health. It really only takes 2-3 products, if they’re suited to your skin. Remember that after cleansing, you have about 60 seconds to seal in the moisture with toner, followed by moisturizer—and absolutely everyone should use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every single day.


To learn more about creating a minimalist routine that’s customized to your skin, make an appointment with Dr. Kamani at 604.222.9998.

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