Lumecca in Vancouver: A Clear Choice for IPL Photorejuvenation

Lumecca in Vancouver: A Clear Choice for IPL Photorejuvenation

Lumecca in Vancouver: A Clear Choice for IPL Photorejuvenation


Dr. Kamani is now offering Lumecca at her skin clinic in Vancouver. As an intense IPL photorejuvenation treatment, Lumecca is designed to treat pigmented and vascular lesions—all those colorful little veins and spots you never wanted.


Why Lumecca?


For patients trying to improve complexion and clarity, Lumecca yields fantastic results. By delivering up to 3X more energy in the 500-600 nm range, Lumecca dramatically improves the efficacy of treating vascular and pigmented lesions. It is an optimized IPL photorejuvenation solution that allows Dr. Kamani to treat a variety of imperfections in a few sessions.


Lumecca Areas of Treatment


Lumecca can be used on the face, neck, décolletage, legs, hands, and arms—anywhere rejuvenation is required. As a cutting-edge treatment, Lumecca has proven effective for improving the appearance of a variety of skin pigmentation, including:


  • Age spots
  • Sun damage
  • Vascular lesions (spider veins, port-wine stains, leg telangiectasia)
  • Rosacea (redness)
  • Freckles


Lumecca Treatments What to Expect


Lumecca works the same as any other IPL treatment. After protective goggles and a cooling gel are applied, expect a flash of light and a sensation that feels like an elastic band snapping against your skin. Redness and a slight warming/tingling sensation are perfectly normal after treatment and should subside within an hour. The full treatment takes about 20 minutes. Over the next few days, the spots will appear darker before they start to fade and disappear.


For clarifying the skin, Lucemma is a superior treatment amongst IPLS. As a photo rejuvenation treatment, Lumecca never breaks the outer surface of the skin thereby reducing recovery time and risk for patients.


As a safe, non-invasive way to help restore your skin’s youthful appearance, Lumecca works to address the damage caused by years of unprotected sunlight exposure. Contact Dr Kamani at (604) 222-9998  to learn more about the innovative light technology and set-up a treatment.

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