Latisse Vancouver: Grow Your Own Eyelashes Naturally

Want thicker, more luscious eyelashes? Dr. Kamani offers Latisse in Vancouver to men and women suffering from sparse or thinning eyelashes.


Unlike over-the-counter cosmetic products that offer simple conditioning or coat lashes in layers of makeup, Latisse is the only product clinically proven to actually make your own eyelashes grow fuller, longer, and darker. And while you won’t quite achieve Instagram glam, it can be a great timesaver for busy professionals in the morning.


As a prescription serum, Latisse supposedly works by stimulating and prolonging the growth cycle of eyelashes, so it should be noted this isn’t an instant solution. It really depends on your hair growth cycle. The most dramatic effects are usually visible after using the product for 3-4 months.


Are there any risks?


Most people are fine using Latisse, although a few do experience mild eye irritation. These are usually contact wearers or others who have a tendency towards dry eye. And while it’s never happened in our clinic, there have been reports of Latisse causing permanent eye-colour discoloration among a very small percentage of people who possess very light eye colour. Some people have also reported a slightly darker skin tone where the eyelashes meet the skin. However, this is not permanent and the skin will return to normal once your stop using the product.


One word of caution—the effects of Latisse has not been extensively tested on women during pregnancy, so we recommend against using it if you are pregnant.


Latisse is not a permanent solution, and your lashes will return to normal if you stop using the product. It takes some time as the long lashes will eventually fall and be replaced by regular lashes, per your natural hair cycle.


Learn more about Latisse in Vancouver


If you’re interested in trying Latisse in Vancouver, Dr. Roz Kamani can write a prescription and walk you through the application process. It’s all pretty easy—you just use one of the included sterile applicators to swipe the serum across freshly washed lids at the lash line. Most doctors recommend applying Latisse on just the top lashes, as too much growth on the bottom can look unnatural.


To learn more about Latisse in Vancouver or to get a prescription, contact Dr. Roz Kamani at 604.222.9998.





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