Latisse in Vancouver: Make Mascara a Moot Point

Are your lashes falling out or thinning? Latisse could be the solution. As a medically-proven prescription, Latisse works by extending the growth cycle of the eyelash resulting in the long, strong eyelashes that have become a hallmark of the more successful Instagram model.


Originally developed as a glaucoma treatment, optometrists who prescribed Latisse noticed their patients’ eyelashes becoming fuller and darker. After a 300-person trial with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Latisse was rebranded as a prescription to strengthen, lengthen, and regrow eyelashes.


Dr. Roz Kamani a Latisse Treatments in Vancouver


Today, Dr. Kamani prescribes Latisse in Vancouver to patients for a variety of reasons. While some are dealing with medically-related hair loss, many Latisse users are people who want to streamline their morning routine or just wake-up feeling beautiful.


Effectiveness varies from user to user, but trial participants noted eyelash length was boosted by about 25 percent (compared to 2 percent in the placebo group), and thickness increased by 106 percent (versus 12 percent). Since then, research has also proven Latisse is also effective for supplementing eyebrow growth.


Latisse is easy to use, which has contributed to its popularity. Just add a drop to one of the sterile applicators included with your purchase and swish over the top lash line before bed. As an alternative to North-America’s multi-billion dollar mascara market, Latisse has become a sought-after beauty treatment.


To understand how Latisse works it’s necessary to look at the hair growth cycle. Eyelashes grow from hair follicles on your eyelids. Just like your hair, the follicles for your lashes goes through cycles of growth and rest. It’s estimated that at any point, about 90% of your follicles are in the growth cycle.  Latisse prolongs the growth phase of the cycle, so that more lashes remain in the growth stage for a longer period of time. The result is lashes that naturally look longer, fuller, and more luscious.


Latisse can be an incredibly liberating option for lash lovers ready to free themselves from the cycle of applying, smudging, and cleansing. It’s also a medically proven solution that can immensely benefit those suffering from the loss/thinning of lashes and brows for a variety of reasons.

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