Essential Summer Skin Care Tips from an Aesthetic Doctor

Essential Summer Skin Care Tips from an Aesthetic Doctor

Fresh, glowing skin is a summer mood. However, the reality is that the hot weather and extra humidity often mean special skin care. Without taking care of skin, clogged pores, sunburn, and dark spots are just a few potential outcomes.


Fortunately, creating a good routine for summertime skin care isn’t difficult. As an aesthetic doctor in Vancouver, Dr. Kamani has been helping patients with skin care for over 20 years. Here are just five essential tips for healthy summer skin.


1) Apply SPF

The number one tip from doctors and dermatologists is to apply sun protection. Sunblock should be used year-round, but it’s more important when the days are longer and warmer—and people spend more time outside.


SPF should be applied to all exposed areas on the body—face, neck, ears, arms, etc. It’s also important to reapply every two hours as sweat and activities such as swimming can wear it away. Opt for an SPF of at least 30. One we love is Physical Matte UV sunscreen by SkinCeuticals.


The formula maintains a matte finish even in the most humid weather. Just make sure you apply enough. We recommend the two-finger method, which is to apply a strip of cream on both the middle and index fingers. That’s about the right amount for the face.


2) Lighten Up

Thick rich moisturizers aren’t necessary for the summer. They can even clog up pores when combined with sweat. Instead consider switching to a light water-based moisturizer, which is great for maintaining hydration, without any sticky, heavy feeling. One we recommend to everyone is Metacell Renewal B3, which is formulated with niacinamide to improve the appearance of early signs of aging


3) Use the Right Products

An extension of the previous point, it’s not just creams that should be lighter. Look for non-comedogenic make-up formulas—that means non-oily to help keep pores clean and open.


4) Since summer is a sweaty time, a good cleanser is a sound investment.

Look for ingredients like salicylic acid, potentially with natural exfoliators. SkinCeuticals LHA Cleansing Gel is one product we love to achieve a deeper clean. And don’t forget to wash up into the hairline and around the outer edges of the face, which are usually overlooked and therefore prone to breakouts.


5) Reduce Retinoids

Products that target fine lines and wrinkles often contain retinoids—but these can make skin more sensitive to the skin. While there’s no need to stop, it may be beneficial to reduce the frequency of use—and double down on the sunscreen.


With summer finally in Vancouver, we can’t wait to get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Keep these easy skin care tips in mind to have lots of fun while keeping your skin protected and healthy.


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