Celebrate the Month of Love with Our Lips & Lashes Combo

Ooh-la-la. The month of Valentine’s is the perfect time for a little self-love. Give yourself the Gift of Beauty in 2020. Our Lashes and Lips Combo is an indulgent treat that lets you lavish yourself with love and attention. We’ll shape and plump your lips with an injection of high-quality lip fillers. You’ll also receive a 5ML bottle of Latisse, and a handsome cosmetic gift bag containing samples of SkinCeuticals award-winning skincare line—all for $1000.

What’s Included:

  1. Dermal Filler for the Lips – Dr. Kamani will work with you to determine the best shape for your features and then strategically inject hyaluronic acid to smooth and plump your pout.
  2. 5ml Latisse – Tired of mascara and extensions? This simple topical treatment works to grow longer, healthier, fuller lashes. Swipe a drop across the top lash line every morning and night for visible results in about 8 weeks. Initial consultation included.
  3. SkinCeuticals – Experience how SkinCeuticals’ scientifically proven skincare line neutralizes free radical damage and visibly improves signs of ageing. This product sampler comes in a beautiful leather case and features some of SkinCeuticals’ most popular products.

Our high-quality dermal fillers work to restore the youthful shape and luscious smoothness of your lips. Defy the effects of time with a treatment that improves tone, texture, and hydration. One vial of hyaluronic filler (included in our special) works well for patients targeting a subtle, natural appearance or a sensuous volume.

As a medically trained doctor with over 15 years of aesthetic experience, Dr. Kamani works one-on-one to achieve desired results. Injections are strategically applied according to your unique physiology for lips that are plump, full, and even.

February is the month of love. If self-love is on your to-do list, this is a great time to get started. Dr. Kamani combines an understanding attitude with precision training, and she personally administers all treatments at her comfortable and discrete medical clinic in Kitsilano. Call 604.222.9998 to book your appointment.

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