Advanced Skincare for Fall

As a skin care doctor in Vancouver, Dr. Roz Kamani offers aesthetic services and advanced skincare treatments from her cutting-edge clinic In Kitsilano. Maintaining a radiant complexion can be tricky after the dry, hot summer. If you haven’t been diligent with the sunblock, your skin could be left blotchy, dull, and blemished.


If playing connect-the-dots has gotten old, the fall is a great time to get your skin back on track. The reduced daylight hours and cooler temps present the perfect opportunity to replenish your skin and reverse the superficial signs of ageing. We’ve got three excellent suggestions to jumpstart your post-summer skincare routine.


Brighten up with a chemical peel


If your once dewy skin has turned lacklustre and dull, it probably needs exfoliation. A medical strength chemical peel works to correct common conditions like fine lines, enlarged pores, congested skin, acne, blemishes and irregular pigmentation. Chemical peels rely on potent ingredients like Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids (AHA or BHA) to exfoliate and stimulate the skin, improving radiance and day-to-day health. For November, Dr. Kamani will be offering gentle chemical peels for 20% off, so book your appointment today.


Upgrade your moisturizer

While gel creams work beautifully in the summer, colder temperatures require extra hydration to keep moisture locked in. It’s vital to understand your skin type to choose the right products. Oily skin types should opt for a non-comedogenic facial moisturizer that won’t clog pores while dryer types need hyaluronic acid to enhance hydration and elasticity. Look for formulas with multi-functional ingredients that hydrate, nourish and protect. Learn about your skin type and which products work best for you at our Skin Day event. Call 604-222-9998 to save your spot. Oct 24th, from 3-7 pm for a complete skin analysis and treatment regimen!


Clarify with light therapy

For severe damage, IPL Photorejuvenation may be necessary. Target and treat discolouration and pigmentation. Laser treatments work in a flash, exposing the skin to a burst of broadband light that causes the vessels near the skin’s surface to coagulate and pigmentation to disperse. Your complexion is left more even and radiant but be sure to apply your sunblock diligently to prevent a spotty future.


Vancouver Skincare Specialist – Dr. Roz Kamani

As a Vancouver skin care specialist, Dr. Kamani combines medical dermatology practices and aesthetic procedures for a holistic approach that works from the inside out. Learn how Dr. Kamani can get your skin back on track through an advanced skincare treatment program that suits your habits and lifestyle. For more information, visit


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