5 Holiday Skincare Tips From Vancouver Skin Doctor

From travel plans to hosting, December is a stressful time. Coupled with all the candy, chocolate, and holiday cheer, the holidays can really take a toll on your skin. As a skin doctor in Vancouver, Dr. Kamani has a few simple tips to keep your complexion glowing with seasonal magic.


  • Cleanse Regularly

Clean skin is always the basis of healthy skin. This is particularly important when your holiday make-up routine is in play. All the extra foundation, concealer, highlighter, and blush can clog delicate pores, leaving you prone to breakouts. Wash your skin thoroughly every morning and night. Opt for a good all-round product like SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser, which will purify skin without drying it out.


  • Don’t Forget to Tone

After cleansing, introducing a toner into your routine will help to close pores and tighten your skin’s defences. This is especially useful for protecting your skin from extra make-up as well as environmental contaminants. Use daily in the morning and night to remove any excess sebum and balance your skin’s pH.


  • Get Balmy

At home or overseas, your lips are always one of the first places to show dehydration. Opt for a quality lip balm to prevent your pout from drying out.


  • Stay Hydrated

There’s nothing no time like the holidays for  indulging in some rum punch or a couple of extra cocktails. But remember, the alcohol is drying and can seriously impact the appearance of your skin. Remember to drink your water in between the fun times, and opt for a well-formulated moisturizer. Since the weather can also be drying, a richer formulation may be in order. Emollience by SkinCeuticals is a rich, restorative moisturizer that has long been one of our seasonal go-tos!


  • Detox Your Skin

After a fun get together, a quick detox can help reduce the look of large pores and draw out toxins from your skin’s surface. Our favourite Clarifying Clay Masque is formulated with cleansing ingredients as well as a touch of aloe and chamomile for nourishment.


Developing a healthy skincare routine with the right products will help keep your skin healthy and beautiful through the seasonal onslaught. Remember to be mindful of the basics—get enough sleep, balance the junk food with a diet of fresh fruits and veggies, and make sure you drink your water. With a little effort, it’s entirely possible to have your cake and curb dull, fatigued holiday skin.


Learn more about how Dr. Kamani can formulate an at-home routine that works with your skin type. As a skin doctor in Vancouver, she offers free skincare consultations at her office. Book now by calling 604.222.9998 or info@RozKamani.com

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