4 Reasons to Try Dermal Fillers in Vancouver

4 Reasons to Try Dermal Fillers in Vancouver

There are so many great reasons to try dermal fillers. When those laugh lines are no longer funny, Dr. Roz Kamani uses dermal fillers in Vancouver to safely and effectively turn back the hands of time. The high-quality fillers used at Dr. Kamani’s clinic are made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance found in the skin. When administered by someone with a proper understanding of facial anatomy, these fillers are smooth and natural—they even work to hydrate the skin. Here are some other great reasons to try dermal fillers in Vancouver.

Dermal Fillers in Vancouver

1) They look natural


Today’s dermal fillers are virtually undetectable. While old fillers sometimes yielded unnatural results, the new generation is rejuvenating, subtly softening, hydrating and adding volume wherever it’s needed.


2) Treatments are long-lasting


New formulations offer terrific value, lasting up to one year, depending on the application and genetic factors. Patients can expect amazing results with little to no downtime. Try dermal fillers to address a variety of concerns, including wrinkles, fine lines, loss of volume, or under-eye circles.


3) Fillers can be used preventatively


Many medical professionals have noticed that a little preventative care can make the effects of ageing less noticeable. By using small amounts of product, Dr. Kamani can work with individuals interested in preventative treatments to reduce the impact of volume loss and wrinkling.


4) Techniques are always improving


For best results, always use certified medical practitioner for fillers. Besides the skill and technique to achieve desired results, professionals like Dr. Kamani undergo regular training to keep skills updated and relevant. She helps patients achieve a polished, natural look while addressing different concerns and questions

Vancouver Dermal Fillers

As a medical aesthetician, Dr. Kamani works with patients individually, creating personalized plans to diminish the appearance of volume loss and wrinkles. Book a session to discover how dermal fillers can produce instant results that look fresh and natural, with little downtime. Call 604.222.9998 to book a consultation.



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