ZO Anti-Ageing Products Available for a Limited Time at Special Pricing

As a medical aesthetician, finding effective skincare is a primary concern for many of the men and women who visit Dr. Roz Kamani at her skincare clinic in Vancouver.


Anti-ageing skincare can be a tough subject to broach. Besides the trauma of actually seeing your first wrinkle or age spot, the market is vast, and many of the products are prohibitively expensive. Moreover, most over-the-counter solutions are not scientifically proven, which means you could potentially be throwing money an upscale moisturizer with a fancy ingredient list.


Dr. Roz Kamani has always provided clients with access to pharmaceutical-grade products that aren’t available in drug stores or over the counter. While she has been a long-time advocate for ZO Skin Health, she will no longer be carrying the product line, making this an ideal time to take advantage of what’s left in the office.


Developed by Doctor Zein Obagi of Beverly Hills, all ZO formulas are clinically tested and offer the very latest advances in skin therapy technologies. In just two or three weeks, most clients see noticeable results.


ZO Anti-Ageing

The ZO product line offers three “programs.” These comprehensive skincare kits contain all the necessary products (and comprehensive instructions) to start the skincare novice off strong. Each kit comes with a cleanser, polish, moisturizer, and protection—with repair and anti-ageing products in advanced kits.


Very broadly, the kits are broken down into three levels. Level I is for regular skin care, Level II is for those exhibiting early signs, and Level III is for advanced signs of ageing. To put the strength of these products in perspective, one night repair cream boasts a retinol concentration five times higher than over-the-counter brands. As a powerful solution to improve skin texture and pigmentation, retinol is one of the pillars of anti-ageing skincare and offers incredible benefits in terms of skincare.


What’s truly remarkable about these products is how much people seem to love them. ZO Skin Health has a serious fan following. The seriously rich Ommerse Renewal Crème, included in Kits II and III, is often cited as a favourite due to its satisfyingly rich texture on the skin. However, the undeniable bestseller has got to be the Oclipse Sunscreen, which contains a primer that smooths the canvas of the face, leaving it primed for the perfect make-up application.


ZO Anti-Ageing – Special Pricing Deal

Hurry to get you ZO products at special pricing. Quantities and products are limited to what’s stocked in our office and won’t last long.


To learn more about skin health in Vancouver with Dr. Kamani, call 604.222.9998. or visit http://rozkamani.com/contact/.


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