Lip Enhancement: Using Volift to Restore or Enhance the Sensuality of Your Lips

To celebrate the month of love, Dr. Kamani is drawing attention to Volift, a lip enhancement (filler) by Juvèderm that can gently rejuvenate and beautify the lips and mouth

“Volift is fantastic for people who want their lips to have a classic, poutier look,” says Dr. Kamani. “Before beginning , I consult with all patients. It’s important to consider the structure and shape of each face to ensure that the lips are properly balanced with other features. Not every shape works with every face. It’s important to take it step by step and work towards desired outcomes. By doing this, I can ensure every lip styling looks soft, shapely, and natural.”

As one of the latest Juvèderm products, Volift is designed to be a smooth, natural looking, and long-lasting lip filler that minimizes swelling and discomfort.

“Besides enhancing the lips, we can also rejuvenate the area around the mouth,” says Dr. Kamani. “This includes softening harsh lines, lifting creases, or even improving hydration and radiance. All process are non- surgical, and results we can achieve are truly spectacular.”

Learn more about lip and perioral mouth rejuvenation by requesting a free consultation with Dr. Kamani at 604.222.9998. Then surprise your partner with a gift you’ll both love.

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