Luscious Lashes Quick as a Wink

Luscious Lashes Quick as a Wink

Grow Fuller, Darker, Longer Eye Lashes

Would you love to have a set of beautiful eyelashes? Have you noticed your eye-fringe has become lighter and thinner with age? Dr. Kamani has a unique aesthetic solution for you — Latisse.

Healthy eyelashes have always been associated with the appearance of beauty—both in men and women. In the age of Pride and Prejudice, a lascivious wink from a long-lashed beauty could make a person feel faint, but not everyone is genetically endowed with great eyelashes.

To remedy any shortcomings, perceived or otherwise, people have resorted to falsies, glue, powders, pencils, and mascara—anything to mimic the appearance of a shapely and sensual eye.

“While over the counter products offer the illusion of fuller, darker lashes, Latisse is the only product clinically proven to grow fuller, darker, longer lashes,” explains Dr. Kamani, Founder of the Kitsilano Medical Aesthetic Clinic.

A Medical Aesthetics Solution

Latisse is quite literally a prescription for fuller, thicker lashes. As a topical prescription product that’s fully approved in Canada, Latisse will allow you to grow fuller, thicker, and longer eyelashes. Results are typically visible in about eight weeks, with full results after 12 weeks.

In clinical trials, Latisse users saw significant improvement over two months. By the end of four months, lashes were 25% longer, 106% fuller, and 18% darker.

“Latisse is supposed to work by prolonging the anagen phase—the active growth phase of eyelashes,” says Dr. Kamani. “Anyone can use the product, provided they’re not allergic, and some patients have up to a 100% increase in fullness. It’s a wonderful, time-saving solution that has offered significant results to many clients.”

Learn More about Latisse with Dr. Kamani

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