Facial Rejuvenation: Refresh and Revitalize with Botox and Juvederm

A tiny wrinkle, the furrow of a brow, a slight slackening around the jawline. If your face no longer feels like your own, you may be a candidate for facial rejuvenation with Dr. Roz Kamani, an aesthetic doctor in Vancouver.


Today, facial rejuvenation no longer requires surgery. In fact, by using Cosmetic Botox and JUVÉDERM in tandem, a simple 30-minute treatment can result in a visible improvement of problem areas that lasts for several months.


Loss of firmness in the face is just part of the natural ageing process. As the collagen that supports the skin breaks down, the skin begins to lose firmness, fullness, and elasticity. This process can also be exacerbated by habits like sunbathing and smoking. And the results are tiny imperfections—frown lines, freckling, or a loosening around the chin and jowls.


As an aesthetic doctor, Dr. Roz Kamani specializes in non-surgical treatments. She is pre-eminently recognized in Vancouver for her expertise with Cosmetic Botox, which works by blocking the nerve impulses to affected areas. The result is a significant reduction of lines and creases. In areas like the cheeks where volume has been lost, Dr. Kamani uses JUVÉDERM. As a simple gel filler, JUVÉDERM uses hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring sugar found in the body) to combine with the water in the skin to gently restore lost fullness.


When facial rejuvenation is performed by a skilled doctor who understands your personal goals and unique facial structure, the results can look so natural that no one will notice. You still look like you, but lively and refreshed!


Like Botox, the benefits of JUVÉDERM are often visible after just one treatment. And the results are clinically proven to last between one and two years. For more information on Botox, JUVÉDERM, or full facial rejuvenation, contact Dr. Kamani at 604.222.9998 or info@RozKamani.com.

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