BELKYRA: Double Chin Treatment

BELKYRA: Double Chin Treatment

If you haven’t heard of BELKYRA, you’re not alone. As the newest offering from Dr Kamani at her Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Kitsilano, BELKYRA is a solution for people troubled by submental fullness, more commonly known as double chin fat.

Double chin fat is a common condition that afflicts both men and women. Even with strict diet and exercise, it can be difficult to eliminate. Surgery can seem a bit extreme for those who simply find chin fat an unattractive hindrance. Fortunately, BELKYRA is a non-surgical solution that can reduce unwanted chin fat with little or no downtime.

As a cosmetic injectable that’s administered using fine needles, BELKYRA is now available at Dr Kamani’s state-of-the-art Medical Aesthetic Clinic. It is a minimally invasive treatment that uses deoxycholic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the body, to break down fatty tissue, which is then removed by the body’s own metabolic processes.

Benefits of BELKYRA Double Chin Treatment

There are multiple benefits to choosing BELKYRA over options like liposuction and other invasive procedures. Besides effectively reducing the fullness of the chin, patients also enjoy a more refined looking neck and jawline. The treatment time is brief, and recovery is fast. Best of all, the results are gentle and natural looking, especially when administered by a skilled doctor.

Although surgery was once the only option for dealing with troublesome double chin fat, you now have a new minimally invasive option. Refine the chin and jawline with BELKYRA.

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